Part 3: The Cities of the ExO Economy Blockchain

Blockchains are peer to peer networks of nodes and their connections. In the ExO Blockchain, the connections are transient. But, the data is permanent and immutable.  

As a peer to peer distributed application, the ExO Economy Blockchain does require some stable nodes around the world. There are a few kinds; I'll go into that in another post.  

As our global community has grown, and to give a reasonable service level to everyone everywhere on the network, we need to run full nodes in many locations. 

We are now running full nodes for the ExO Economy Blockchain in thirteen (13) data centers/cities around the world across multiple cloud providers. Our users are running nodes in hundreds of locations around the world all the time. Our "Data Center" is decentralized, dematerialized, democratized, and demonetized! I like to thing Deceptive and Disruptive come into play as well. Those have more extended time function.

Doing this was effectively impossible only a few years ago unless you could spend 10's of millions of dollars. The technology has advanced tremendously in the last decade, and that's no longer true. Our costs to run the OpenExO Community's ExO Blockchain so that we may leverage its native digital asset, EXOS, as a means of exchange is an exercise in zero marginal cost economics. It costs us almost nothing to add another node just like it costs AirBnB almost nothing to add another hotel room.  

Your DevOps team runs a network of Full nodes that support our blockchain in thirteen cities! They are:  

  • New York

  • London

  • Amsterdam

  • Singapore

  • Frankfurt

  • San Francisco

  • Atlanta

  • Tokyo

  • New South Wales

  • Paris

  • Seoul

  • Bangalore

  • Mumbai

 Look at this heatmap.

That's mostly you! If you are staking. You are the peer to peer network of wallets(e.g., nodes) that make up the vital balance of our global data center.

 By running the staking wallet in particular, you the process the transactions that cross the blockchain and embed those transactions in immutable blocks one after the next on our public permissionless blockchain. See the Staking post for more information.

 We are building powerful new capabilities together, and you are a part of it all as it emerges.

Grab your staking wallet. Stake some tokens. And, help us build our global economy to transform the world for a better future.


Kent Langley

P.S. Visit the Tools site to explore more about our little blockchain @


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