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The Global Transformation Economy

The ExO Economy is the rails for the Global ExO Movement. Its native currency EXOS provides a means of exchange and storage for transacting in the transformation economy. The OpenExO Platform connects buyers and sellers in a global marketplace.

Most important of all, the members of the economy are the heartbeat, the nervous system, the mind of the Economy working collectively to Transform the World for an Exponentially Better Future.

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ExO Economy


The ExO Economy is the Global Transformation Economy.


EXOS is a cryptographic token that provides a way to access the resources and capabilities of the OpenExO Community required for transformation in the face of disruption. It's used in places like the OpenExO Platform to deliver transformational impact.


The native digital asset of the ExO Economy is EXOS; a token operating as the currency of impact on the ExO Blockchain. The ExO Blockchain is a public permission-less blockchain connecting a vast network of people, organizations, and cities known as the ExO Movement overall.


The ExO Blockchain is a public, permissionless, ledger of transactions between members of the OpenExO Community and Economy.

EXOS are on every continent of planet Earth and are in the hands of the world’s best change-makers and impact drivers. EXOS were created to empower them all with access via the OpenExO Marketplace on the OpenExO Platform.



Individuals working on projects

There are over 468 incredible human beings that own and can leverage EXOS in the transformation economy.


Teams that value connections

Dozens of organizations directly or through ExO Economy partner organizations have a stake in the economy.


Cities that want innovation

Innovative cities like Medellín and Bogota Colombia and Miami, FL have participated in the ExO Economy.


ExO Economy Community


“We’re not building an economy from scratch, we’re tokenizing an existing economy.” - Kent Langley


There are over 2000 consultants, advisors, speakers, coaches, and community members from more than 100 countries ready to help transform organizations, cities, and more via the OpenExO Marketplace.


We are currently in the initial stages of introducing the ExO Economy to the world.  At minimum, we expect it to be a radical experiment in the organization of economic activity, a redefinition of corporate ownership and a true enabler of access to abundance.




ExO Economy News

We feel confident that accelerating technologies, such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies, will serve as the tool to tap into a world of abundance. See our impact for the betterment of civilization.


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Our OpenExO Community

Shared value is the foundation of community building. We invite you to join us in this endeavor, share your skills, build value with us. OpenExO and ExO Economy is a place for connecting people and opportunities to transact in transformation services. If we're persistent, we will unlock abundance and build Exponential Organizations and Transform the World for a Better Future.