SAVE the DATE: April 8, 2021 3rd Birthday of the EXOS Token!

Okay, it’s been a busy month already and I have several things to report as updates to our shared community platform of tools, automation, marketplace, circles, and more.

Bug Squash – We now properly remove followers after a forum Circle. This way you won’t end up following a circle that no longer exists. Good.

UX Improvement: Intercom Button blocks the confirm button on new opportunities in mobile devices. Move button div to left in mobile. No more blocky. This was annoying. Glad it is fixed!

We Fixed the also annoying Foundations payment not completed issue and stop showing the Certification status label “In Progress” issues.

Women for impact users: Enroll users to ExO Foundations. Pay attention to this one. The Women4Impact team is doing wonderful work and leveraging the OpenExO platform to deliver training programs specific to women. Check out their site at

Clean code and fix bug in pagination buttons in event list component embedded in

Did you know you can publish your OWN EVENTS if you are a member of this community? They show up in the banner at the top of the circles page and on the events-list page on

Added Community Guidelines to Platform menu. Please pay attention to our community guidelines.

We have added the ability for any platform user to easily refer someone to ExO Foundations free program with the referral tool that rolled out in January to every platform member. This only affects users using our LMS to create courses that need discounting. We do plan to extend the LMS features of the platform to more users as development capacity allows. There are a bunch of cool ideas for empowering our community around this concept. If are unsure what I’m talking about, if you have a consultant or higher you can currently provision your own Sprint right in the platform here:

This allows you to run a Sprint for your customers. It looks like this after you provision it (this one is empty for demo purposes):