OpenExO Platform Updates – 14 August 2020

[EXO-5107] – Set flash offers and events new section in circles view

Credit for this idea goes out to Curtis Michelson who asked us in PIP-2, among other things, why are you wasting all that space at the top of the Circles page. Well, it was a good question. There was no good answer. So, now, we are surfacing the next three events from the community events tool. Great video Kevin Allen !

If you publish and event using the platform and it’s one of the next three coming up it will show up top, front, and center on the main landing page of the platform now.

We have quite a few more ideas on starting to surface key information from the community on this page and will continue to take an iterative approach over time.

[EXO-5110] – Set filter and search bar in new circles view

Have you ever wanted to filter for read or unread messages on the platform? Have you ever wanted to look for such messages on a specific topic in the main circle feed or within a specific circle? Oh so many of you said you wanted this for oh so long. It’s here in this release!

In that screenshot you’ll notice I have filtered for articles mentioning technology that are in an unread state. I try to stay on top of all my circles but there were 51 messages I had not seen!

While a lot of people asked for this, special props go out to Javier Sánchez From Madrid Spain for logging PIP-2 a few months ago and ME! for the strangely number PIP-## for filters.

Want to go back and read all these awesome updates? Sure you do. Use the new search feature to search for “updates” and Unread to see what you missed.


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