Help Grow the OpenExO Movement & Earn Dollars

Enrollment for the sixth cohort of the ExO Master Practitioner Course is now open!

Live classes will begin on 19 November 2019!

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This course takes leaders on a journey to learn deeply about the ExO Model and provide them with tools and support to begin their transformation journey to becoming an exponential organization. Completion of the course yields a Master Practitioner Certification and a fast path into additional certifications from OpenExO.

Hundreds of people in our community and many more outside have taken the course and are using it as a catalyst to building more exponential organizations. 

I want to share an opportunity to spread the word and earn up to 30% of their course enrollment fee as a commission. This opportunity is one of the great ways we can give back and help grow this community. The second way involves EXOS and is toward the end of this post.

Some of the most fulfilling relationship and conversations I have on a week to week basis in the OpenExO community come from students and former students. It's been an honor and a pleasure to coach these inspiring people in this course.

To get a personal link so you can refer people to the course, you need a PartnerStack account via the Growth Institute. Here is the signup page.

You will have the ability to refer people directly, via social media, email, or anywhere you can share a link.

Key Dates*:

     *We will update these as things progress or if they change

There is a Course Outline PDF here that you can share with anyone that might be interested in the course. You can find the PDF on this page by scrolling down:

The Growth Institute accepts EXOS. For each cohort, there are a limited number of seats payable in EXOS as well. If you want to pay with or sponsor a student by purchasing the course with EXOS then please just let the team know when you apply.

There are already several seats filled for this cohort. So, check it out and maybe we'll see you there at the kickoff.

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Kent Langley Chief Science Officer at OpenExO, ExO Ambassador, ExO Foundations, ExO Sprint Coach, ExO Trainer

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