Sharing the Exponential Organizations Tool Kit

Hello, I'd like to share the ExO Toolkit with everyone. It is a suite of tools that help people implement Exponential Organizations attributes. Creation of the tools was graciously sponsored by our partners, the Growth Institute and co-developed by many members of the OpenExO Community.

The tools are primarily used to assist in the teaching of our students that take the ExO Master Practitioner Course. The students of that course work over approximately 12 weeks with the head coach and mastermind coaches to design and begin their own organizational transformation. Completion of some of the tools worksheets is part of the final assignment for certification. We have graduated over 200 students from that course over the five times it has been run!

The ExO Tool Kit is licensed CC-BY-SA 4.0. That means anyone, anytime can use these tools to help them understand a particular attribute or implement it in their organization using the worksheets we developed. The following links will take you directly into that tool's main folder. These tools are all available in one of our GitHub repositories. There, you can download a fillable or a static PDF version, see who helped make the tools, and learn more.

A lot of care was put into the creation of these tools by your very own community colleagues. Please, Enjoy, share, and let us know if you find them helpful in your ExO journey!




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