Part 5: The ExO Economy Tipbot

This Post is Part of a Multi-Part Series, The ExO Economy Primer. This is the 5th installment.

Not long ago, the ExO Economy DevOps team launched the ExO Economy Tipbot.

@Tipbot can be leveraged to send EXOS to any member of the ExO Economy that is also a member of the Discord community.

From and Exponential Organizations perspective, one might consider the ExO Economy Discord server as an Interface to a global crowd to and from our OpenExO Community.

One of the exciting features of the Tipbot is that is a type of simple agent to assist people in tipping people in EXOS in a peer to peer public way. It's called @tipbot. Tipbot lives in a particular channel called #tipping on the Discord server.

Join the Discord Server to Meet @Tipbot and tip your friends at

You can speak directly with @tipbot with to coordinate your EXOS balance on the server. You can send tips to one or many people at the same time. You can deposit and withdraw EXOS with @tipbot to your Discord user and more. @Tipbot is capable of facilitating trivia questions for EXOS.

Tipping with @Tipbot is fun and as a way to say thanks if you want, in EXOS, to fellow community members.

Some other fun facts about @Tipbot you might not realize are that:

  • Technically, it's an EXOS wallet. You can send/receive EXOS with @tipbot.

  • Interestingly, peer to peer transactions inside Discord is OFF chain. It's not until you withdraw the EXOS to a wallet like the Cloud or Staking wallets that the transactions commit to the EXOS blockchain.

  • If you have an ExO Economy Discord account, you can receive tips even if you haven't deposited EXOS or generated an address. This feature built into the system.

  • Over time, we expect we can expand beyond Discord for tipping if desired. But, today, it's Discord #tipping channel only.

  • The Tipbot is self, in the spirit of OpenExO is Open Source. You can see the source on our Github.

And a fun thought, we are considering running a fun "Trivia Event" on Discord just for fun. Would that be interesting to you? If so, let us know!

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This Post is Part of a Multi-Part Series, The ExO Economy Primer. To learn more about the economy, read the first posts in the series, and stay tuned for more!

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Vanessa Powell