Part 2: Staking EXOS in the ExO Economy, Your Economy

Staking on the EXOS blockchain using the EXOS-Qt "Staking" wallet is a way to truly participate in and be a critical part of the ExO Economy.

tl;dr Version -> Staking Wallet Install/Staking Guide

To stake, all you need is the EXOS "Staking" Wallet. It's based on a piece of software call the Qt-Wallet. A very robust piece of software that's been around quite some time. It's available here:

EXOS "Staking" Wallet Official Repository*

*never accept EXOS wallet software from anyone or any third party source. Always get it from the source to protect yourself and our network.

By using the staking wallet to effectively bond (commit) a portion of your EXOS holding to the network you are part of clearing transactions and adding them to the blockchain. When your stake is chosen to create the next block, you receive what is known as a staking reward. This is like a little gift of one(1) EXOS for helping. The more EXOS you stake with, the more of a chance you have to win a staking reward. Once your EXOS stake, there is a waiting period of sorts before those exact EXOS will stake again. The algorithm is a little complex but that's the gist of it, we try to keep it fair if you stake a little or a lot.

But, I need my own hydroelectric dam to stake/mine EXOS, right? Nope! Not all all!!

If you think that staking EXOS is like mining bitcoin, it's not. You could stake on something as small as a raspberry pi if you chose to do so. I've successfully staked a block flying at 35,000 feet on a gogo inflight wifi connection on my laptop. Any computer you have sitting around just about can run the wallet and participate. Our algorithms do not require huge amounts of computation or energy. We did this purposefully so that almost anyone anywhere can participate! We have even worked hard to place nodes around the world so that you'll always have a node close to you on the network even if you are the only one staking in your region! We have network nodes in:

- New York

- London

- Amsterdam

- Singapore

- Frankfurt

- San Francisco

- Atlanta

- Tokyo

- New South Wales

- Paris

and more since I made that list...

Block Height - ~ 586,531 -

Discord Community Size - 384 - Join via This link!! ->

If you stake, you are in good company. Here is a map of global staking activity over the last six months. See attached photo of the heatmap from

Our native digital asset, EXOS, is about 15 months old as of July 2019. There are many fun and exciting things on the horizon. I'm planning to do a better job of posting here as things change as a reasonable pace. :)

I hope you found this helpful, if you want to know some thing specific of if you need help picking up a gift or with something technical let us know. Official support is available via email at and we try to monitor all channels social.

All the Best,


EXOS Global Heat Map.png
Kent Langley