Rokk3r Inc Invests $15M in CivX Economy and ExOFoundation

As released today via a press release from Rokk3r Inc., we are pleased to announce some important news!

Big news folks: our ExO Foundation just got a $15m injection into our token economy from @rokk3r_inc. This brings them together with 500 consultants in 55 countries and this announcement solidly anchors that economy.
— Salim Ismail via Twitter

From the release, The ExO Foundation, creator of the CivX Economy, ExO Lever, ExO Works, the Fastrack Institute, and a global network of over 435 impactful people will receive $15 Million in investment from Rokk3r Inc. (OTC: ROKK), a global idea-to-exit company builder headquartered in Miami, Florida into the CivX Economy.  The investment is via a SAFE-T convertible debt instrument that is redeemable for CIVX tokens.

About the ExO Foundation, Inc.
The ExO Foundation is a public benefit corporation committed to positive social change, which convenes a global ecosystem that empowers cities, organizations, institutions, and people with the technology and economic resources, tools and structures to migrate society to abundance.

About Rokk3r Inc.
Rokk3r is a network of human and machine intelligence that accelerates exponential company building. Rokk3r is unleashing the next generation of global entrepreneurship by providing access to education, idea validation, team creation and experts to crowd build successful ventures.

Kent Langley