CivX Economy Update - 2018.99

Hi @channel Quick Update

We have lost a little time due to some finicky compile issues of the OSX wallet (blockchain client). However, we finally got a successful build and are now moving on over the next few hours with the next stages of testing to make sure everything is doing what it should. Then, we’ll be starting to expand into more ExF core team members for additionally User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Of course, Murphy decided to visit today and terminate one of our seed nodes (the servers that bootstrap important parts of the blockchain. It’s rare for young virtual machines to bite the bits like that but there you go. Nayib diligently resurrected it. Of course, it’s one of several so no loss ensued other than lost time.

All in all… it’s all good. Just taking a little longer that originally predicted or that we experienced in the last testing cycles when we timed it all on a test environment.


- Kent, Nayib, and FluidChains team

Isabel Gutierrez