CivX Quickstart Guide Updated & CivX Economy Update 2018.230

I'm not exactly sure how it happens that so much time went by between posts. We've all had a lot going on this summer and since the CivX Blockchain network went live. Phew!

Just as a little note for today and some numbers, resource reminders, and even a little now hiring request action!

  • We exceeded 300 members of this discord group a few days ago. Wonderful news! We are all very pleased to have you all here!

  • We have been hitting new peaks (around CivX 6,000,000) in network staking levels regular, that's a wonderful form of engagement and we need a strong and widely distributed network of stakers and block makers to secure and produce blocks and transactions as we grow.

  • We have nodes on almost every global continent! We still haven't seen any in Greenland or Antartica but I'm hopeful. :) - Remember, you can see and explore data about our blockchain here on the Stats and via the Block Explorer

  • We have formed two new councils recently. They are the economic council and the legal council. They are doing wonderful work, but, we are young collectively and those councils are even younger. There will be more news coming out of them soon. Rest assured that they are working hard and looking for ways to bring more and more of the community into the processes

  • For a little looking forward, I expect the next council to form will be the outreach council. That will work in the areas of Marketing, Community, and PR. I'm looking for an Outreach Council Lead. If you are interesting. Please contact me directly.

  • We have been having regular "Office Hours" for the ExO Ecosystem and bundling into that the CivX Economy discussions. These have been really wonderful.

  • If you are just getting into the CivX Economy, don't miss the CivX Token Quick Start guide. That guide will help you get a wallet online and ready to receive CivX. When you get your CivX, you'll be able to stake! 

I know we've been a little quiet, rest assured, we're just heads down working! Stay tuned! As always, we are very open to input from the community and working on new ways to collect, process, and share that as well. We listen.


Kent Langley, CivX Core Lead
CivX: The Economy of Abundance

Isabel Gutierrez