CivX Qt Wallet Public Release & CivX Economy Update 2018.137


Block Height - ~48100
PoW Progress - DONE!
Discord Community Size - 96

We have successfully navigated the transition from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake. The CivX Blockchain is now 100% Proof of Stake.

We have seen a steady client and staking growth since the cut over a few days ago.

Now, this network is powered by all of the CivX holders in our CivX Economy who run the CivX-Qt wallet or a CivX Full Node! It's our economy. It's our blockchain. It's our future. All of us collectively.


CivX-Qt-v1.0.0.5 and Public Release

We are delighted to open the Github repository to the public finally. All temporary file staging areas that we used since launch until yesterday is gone.

Authorized client downloads are from precisely one place.

The URL is:


You should ALWAYS download your client from the source Github repository. There are links, a Quickstart guide, and more there for you. If you have questions, please take them to the CivX Economy Discord community, and someone will do their best.


What's in the Queue?

We'll be releasing the first version of the CivX Economy FAQ soon on the website. Now that we are through this early stage of PoW we collected MANY questions and answers to share.

We are getting closer every day on the CivX Block Explorer release. It's planned for release this Calendar Quarter.

We'll are planning our first CivX Economy call. I think ideally, we'll have that before month end. Please stay tuned. It will be announced in Discord and on the blog.


Important Links:

Website -
CivX Discord Community Invite -
CivX Blockchain Stats Page -
ExOFoundation GitHub -


- Kent

Isabel Gutierrez