Several New Cities Online & CivX Economy Update 2018.131


Block Height - 40157

PoW Progress - ~89%*

*We will be completing the proof of work period very soon! Afterward, we transition entirely to proof of stake.


Blockchain Infrastructure

- New Cities Online!
As a peer to peer distributed application, the CivX blockchain is made, in part, of YOUR clients, the CivX-Qt wallet staking or mining. In that way, anyone in our community can and should participate in the validation and creation of blocks. That is part of what creates the infrastructure and the community. 

With the influx of new nodes on the network in recent days, we launched new full nodes in several more global regions to support the network. We are now running full nodes for the CivX Blockchain in ten(10) cities around the world across multiple IaaS providers. Our network of Full nodes that support our blockchain now spans:

- New York

- London

- Amsterdam

- Singapore

- Frankfurt

- San Francisco

- Atlanta

- Tokyo

- New South Wales

- Paris


You, the peer to peer network of wallets make up the important balance. Thank you!

It’s a testament to the planning and preparedness of the blockchain DevOps team at Fluid Chains that they were able to do this in one evening. Thank you again! #devopsproud


CivX Full Node

Since I was just mentioning full nodes, you might be thinking, where can I get one of those? Our latest Github repository has the Full Node code now! But, it is still private. This is a primary component of our infrastructure. The full node is the base used by development teams to develop applications against the CivX blockchain. A recent example being the integration of Grafana and the soon to launch Blockchain Explorer. There will be MUCH more information regarding the full node in time. We look forward to opening it publically very soon.


CivX Business Overview Released, v1.0!

Finally, we have released this business overview document for FINAL copy review and some tidying. Personally, I want to express gratitude to the multitude of reviewers that helped by providing feedback and refinement over time. Thank you very much and may the blockchain be with you.


Stratis and CivX

We are pleased to formally announce the collaboration between Stratis and the ExO Foundation for the CivX project. Stratis is a strategic technology partner and the creator of the full-node that we inherit from; the Stratis technology stack is a crucial part of our platform and ecosystem. We are grateful for their work and support over time.

- Kent

Isabel Gutierrez