Network Triples in Size & CivX Economy Update - 2018.128 Edition

Today was a big day #128 of 2018! Our network roughly tripled in size pretty much overnight after that last community call!


New Client Release!

We have released CivX-Qt v1.0.0.4. If you are running the wallet, you must upgrade. Please backup your wallet and then upgrade your software.


About Mining

We are encouraging everyone to mine during this proof of work period. This is a way to share with the community. We want YOU to mine the tokens. We will only mine until block 45,000. After that, mining will end. We will transition to staking. During this mining period, you will receive rewards of 12 CIVX for mining a block. So, again, we encourage you to mine by reserving your tokens using the reserve feature under settings > options > main. Then, wait until after the transition to Proof of Stake to use your tokens to stake.



Block Height - 36,500

PoW Progress - 81% to Transition to Proof of Stake


Data Center Expansion

As a result of the growth we have experienced, we are in the process of expanding our blockchain. We are already in two cloud providers and four cities. But, with such a distributed network of people already, we want to have a better distribution of network nodes to support the blockchain.

We are adding six new nodes around the world. The ExO Network is very distributed and so must our blockchain become.


IaaS Provider 1

- New York (existing)

- London (existing)

- Amsterdam (new)

- Singapore (new)

- Frankfurt (new)


IaaS Provider 2

- San Francisco (existing)

- Atlanta (existing)

- Tokyo (new)

- New South Wales (new)

- Paris (new)


That is all for today! Thank you and do not forget to join the CivX Economy discord community. The conversation is picking up, and we are just almost to 70 members as I write this update.


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- Kent

Isabel Gutierrez