Gift Distributions & CivX Economy Update - 2018.121 Edition

Today's update will be brief.



Block Height - 26,569

PoW Progress - ~60% to Transition to Proof of Stake


General Updates

- Distributions have begun! Because of the number of these we are dealing with the team needed to create some custom helper scripts for the distribution team. Those have been tested and work well. We've begun the process of getting CivX Wallets and Tokens out to everyone. There will be much more news about this on the next ExO Ecosystem call. Don't miss that call!


Coming Next

- The blockchain explorer is a little bit delayed to iron out some issues but the test version looks fantastic, and we should live soon!

- This week the prototype of our live blockchain statistics page was launched. We are waiting for a DNS change, but it will soon be live at (it won't work yet but soon!)

Join our Discord Server for the CivX Economy. Say hi when you get there!


That's all for now. We'll keep the updates coming as things change!



Isabel Gutierrez