CivX Economy Update - 2018.115.0 Edition


Block Height - 18985

PoW Progress - ~50% to completion


General Updates

- On Tuesday last week the full ExOFoundation core team joined the early acceptance testing for the CivX-Qt Wallet and Blockchain.

- We are ~50% of the way through the Proof of Work period. As a reminder, this is temporary, and we do it as a way of establishing the chain and providing some incentive to early adopters.

- CivX Economy Business White Paper v0.6 was released today. There are many updates, reorganization, cuts, and new details It’s nearing general release we think.

- The ExOFoundation has retained the legal team at to assist us with our legal needs. In an uncertain regulatory environment we look forward to their council.

- The Core team held its 3rd official meeting this week on 23 April 2018.


Coming Next

- We are working hard to complete the first live version of the CivX Blockchain Explorer. A tool like a blockchain explorer is a critical. It will allow anyone, anywhere to verify transactions on our blockchain for themselves.

- Treasury. We are in the final stages of funding the CivX treasury for both short and long-term token management. This crucial step precedes token distribution to the community. Our treasury uses a multi-signature wallet for long-term token storage, security, and governance. So, it's more complicated, but we have been testing thoroughly and should be ready this week.

- The FAQ will released soon with all the aggregated questions we have received during this testing period.

- We have a new website live and nearing readiness. It's not 100% there, but it is close!

- A new version of CivX-Qt_v1.003, our primary wallet, will be released in the next few days to all current wallet holders.

Join our Discord Server for the CivX Economy. Say hi when you get there!


That's all for now. We'll keep the updates coming.

- Kent

Isabel Gutierrez