CivX Economy Update - 2018.103 Edition

This week we have had a full day of testing our new blockchain and client applications.

Our blockchain is maturing. We just passed 4,200 blocks!

We found significant optimizations for the blockchain and its clients. Dramatically improved overall performance has ensued. As we start to broaden deployment, that is critical. Thank you to the early testers for helping us with these issues!


The lineage of our code is:

2009-2015 Bitcoin Developers

2011-2012 PPCoin Developers

2013-2014 NovaCoin Developers

2014-2015 Blackcoin Developers

2016-2017 Stratis Developers

2017-2018 ExOFoundation (CivX) Developers


There are fewer better testaments to the power of open source. We would not be able to do this in this time frame and level of quality without this legacy to build open.

The parts of our blockchain that run in the cloud are very similar to what you would run on your computer. Our CivX-Qt Wallet is nearly ready for distribution. The code & builds will be uploaded by Nayib at FluidChains team to the new home on Github at We are publishing the OSX and Windows CivX-Qt clients first.

In the coming weeks, our online channels start taking shape. You can join the first part of this RIGHT NOW! Join the online community at

Outward communications will continue to ramp up over the following days and weeks. The primary channel will be our discord server and the #announcements channel. Our website will be online soon. Poly and team are working on that for the community as we speak. A new FAQ (thanks Che) is nearing completion.

Keep the questions coming. We at the ExO Foundation and the CivX Economy project will keep working to keep everyone informed in new and riveting ways! As always, let us know what you need.

- Kent & Team

Isabel Gutierrez