CivX Economy Update - 2018.101

It’s day 100 of the year 2018. The blockchain is just passing block 1897. Growing as expected. All systems are nominal. Today we have further deployed the CivX-Qt wallet (client) for testing to the first designated test group. That has gone well. In particularly, mining and staking are both confirmed to be working as expected.

Proof of Work mining is  a temporary part of bootstrapping our blockchain to transition to a full proof of stake blockchain. More on that soon but we do hope everyone here (and beyond) can participate in the mining period. After the mining period, our blockchain will be entirely proof of stake.

We are working on the public launch of information about all this of course. It’s my goal to have something basic live early next week.

We have been putting together a first version an FAQ for everyone. If you have questions in your mind about all this then please let us know so we can review them, incorporate, and improve the FAQ in its pre-release state.

Isabel Gutierrez