CivX Economy Update - 2018.100

We have blockchain!

CivX is really live. Nayib and team are rock stars.

A short summary would be that we have successfully deployed and tested the blockchain. It’s moving forward nicely in the Proof of Work stage of it’s life. We just passed block 1288.

Nayib and I were able to successfully test PoW mining on the OSX and Windows clients as well.

Tomorrow we will be doing quite a few things to continue testing, DRBC, etc. More on that soon.

Tomorrow we will also bring on the next couple of people to the blockchain from the ExO Foundation.

Once we get through all of that, we’ll be able to open things up substantially to more and more of the network day after day.

Work has begun w/ Fluid and team to quickly get the necessary web presence online for eventual updates, wallet distribution, FAQ (which is in its V1 draft form now).

Much.. much more to come in the future!

-Kent, Nayib, and Teams

Isabel Gutierrez