CivX Economy Update - 2018.94

The date and time for the genesis block have been set. It is our intention to create the genesis block on:

04-08 at 16:32:00

The team is working hard to have everything ready. In the last few days we’ve:

- set up all the necessary DNS - need multiple for distributed apps
- set up our two cloud hosting providers - azure and digitalocean for now
- significantly revised the white paper, it will be published soon. It’s in legal review status.
- completed all the necessary technical specifications for the actual blockchain and nodes
- completed the brand new logo for the token! Thanks to @che.f, Raj, and @Salim Ismail for all the assist there.
- did a test training/deployment/use session with Che who was very patient while we walked through many things on the wallet technology
- acquired all the necessary domains it takes to build out the services (Node and Seed Servers)

In coming days we’ll be focused on final refinements to the business white paper and actually standing up the blockchain live. Very exciting!!

I’m surely leaving out things but happy to share that we are making solid progress every day even if it feels a little quiet some days.

Isabel Gutierrez