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A unique token

Driven by Values


As technology becomes cheaper moving toward no/low cost development, money is increasingly removed from the equation. DeFi is holy grail in unlocking value creation as a model for value-exchange of services, smart contracts and staking incentives to name a few.


ExO Economy is an emerging DAO, to accelerate, democratize and internationalize the Innovation ecosystem. The goal is to increase the knowledge and adoption of blockchain technology to generate business and purpose-driven opportunities.


This community-driven utility token EXOS is the heartbeat, the nervous system, the mind of the new economy. A decentralized model works toward a more fair and equitable society for everyone, regardless of social status or economic standing.

Transforming the World Economy

ExO Economy Community

There are 7,500+ consultants, advisors, speakers, coaches, and community members from more than 130 countries ready to help transform organizations, cities, and more via the OpenExO Marketplace. Learn more about our unique community who created an economy of value exchange as an interface to the world. Hire talent, be the advisor, find teams to collaborate in our marketplace.

Individuals working on projects

Over 500 incredible people that own and can leverage EXOS in the transformation economy.

Cities that want innovation

Innovative cities such as Medellín, Bogota, and Miami are participating in the ExO Economy.

Teams that value connections

Multiple partner organizations directly or through ExO Economy have a stake in the economy.

ExO Economy Developers

Network/Open source platform keys, pull data, API’s, propose push data.

Proud Members of the ExO Economy

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