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What if we could overcome paralysis?

Save billions in public spending AND transform millions of lives to a better future?

You’ve heard this before – the day before something is a breakthrough it is a crazy idea. One person cannot change the world, but the world can change because of one person.

This is where my story of Keiren McLeod begins – he is one person who has a crazy idea that can change the world.  And, if you are passionate about ‘overcoming paralysis’, ‘augmented human performance’, or ‘transforming health care to a better future’, I REALLY think you’ll love what Kieren has to say.

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Story of Kieren McLoed

Kieren Mcloed and I connected a few short months ago intending to share insights for the NextGen Economy Podcast; Instead I was unexpectedly distracted by Kieren’s story of recent tragedy and new trajectory. I learned that in 2019, Kieren was in Thailand raising capital and connections for a decentralized-finance company when tragedy struck – he and his business partner were in a traffic accident that left Kieren a parapalegic changing the trajectory of his life in an instant.

Trauma turned into a New Trajectory

Kieren was focusing on saving money and raising personal capital to buy an ExoSkeleton that would transform his daily personal life AND limit his dependence on the public health care system. Inspired by Kieren, then doing further research, I then learned that a cure for paralysis due to spinal cord injury is possible, but it will take time, resources and a smart way of thinking. 

Armed with this knowledge, an ‘edge’ team was formed from the OpenExO global ecosystem of entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and investors to take on a grand challenge – to provide the mindset shift, tools and resources to Enable Augmented Human Performance that we intend to help end paralysis, save billions in public spending and ultimately transform the lives of millions of people impacted by paralysis to a better future.  The team is highlighting these two inarguable cases for fast-tracking the adoption of new ExOSkeleton (or similar) technologies by public and private health providers, and individuals:


Being mobile and more independent in an ExOSuit, ExOSkelton or similar can transform the lives of millions of people globally by reducing personal suffering from physical pain, mental distress, reduced productivity and community contribution.


Sources indicate the current lifetime cost of servicing someone with paralysis through traditional health care means is $1 – 3.5 million.  By comparison, the cost of providing that same person with an ExoSuit or ExoSkeleton is between $50k – $250k up front or via financing; plus only a few thousand per year on personal and hardware maintenance.  And, don’t forget the human cost – in traditional methods we are doing the minimum to achieve personal autonomy and well-being for paralyzed people; versus the benefits talked about.

Enable Augmented Human Performance

Kieren and the team invite you to invest in taking the first step to end paralysis – and in the meantime, transform 1 or 1 million lives for a better future and save on public health care spending – in these ‘open-source’ projects:


Investor Alert – imagine a prototype village with a natural environment and ‘smart’ built infrastructure, augmented with digital technologies to enable ideas, scale and place to happen.  A village where early stage rehabilitation patients, residents, long term stays, visitors, researchers, entrepreneurs and their teams could live, work and create together. A village where a variety of minds could work on demand to collectively ‘Enable Augmented Human Performance’, focusing their resources to achieve 10x smarter, faster, better impact than working independently or purely digitally.


The Roadshow is a way to experience first-hand trying, customizing, and distributing ExOSkeletons, ExO Suits (or similar) with the #1 goal of overcoming barriers to adoption – for individuals; for insurers; for healthcare providers – public and private. 

As a starting point, the team is looking for proposals from:

  • Individuals that would like to try an ExOSkeleton, ExOSuit or similar;
  • Ambassadors and community leaders that would like to bring the ExOSkeleton Roadshow to their community;
  • Manufacturers that would like the Roadshow team to represent their product, earn valuable public relations, and connect with consumers and distributors


Partners willing to invest in accelerating breakthroughs in ‘Augmented Human Performance’ and/or ending paralysis.  We accept ExOs directly, or these currencies via the UniSwap Exchange. To start, we are putting together token packages to sell into larger institutions to raise funds.  You can participate in any of the following:

You can participate in any of the following:


 Refer a sponsor organization via Firstroot or donate tokens or cash toward the exoskeleton purchase for Kieran. We will provide appropriate wallet or Qr codes to receive your donations. Or email funds to


Private sale of token packages; 5000 EXOS for $2500 USD


Need info


Donate land and/or building(s) for initial village headquarters. Ideally this is in a tokenized country and is friendly to English-language operations. We are looking at the USA, Panama, Belize, El Salvador, Costa Rica.

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