Catch the ExO Economy as it participates and makes an impact at Bitcoin 2021 in Miami


The ExO Economy will be hosting an official satellite event together with UnifyIT, The Lab Miami and Rutanio around Social tokens. 

Join the event live on June 3rd from 5pmEDT-8pmEDT in Miami or via the live stream where you will hear from Salim Ismail and many other amazing speakers plus the following five local high impact organizations have been selected for the

2021 ExO Social Token Grant Awards.

“There are many people that are passionate about transforming the world but are stuck making money in the old economy. OpenExO has found a business model for change agents to work on the transformation itself.” ~ Salim Ismail, Author of Exponential Organizations, CEO and Cofounder of OpenExO Inc, PBC.

2021 ExO Social Token Grant Award Recipients

TEDx Miami – Paola Correa/Sandy Skelaney

MTP: WE SHARE IDEAS WORTH SPREADING – Emanuel Miot / Rachel Maeng Brown

MTP: Help 1 million founders, impact 1 million communities.

Social Impact Movement – Scarlett Arana/Claudia Akel

MTP: Catalyst for Social Impact and SDGs Miami (Sustainable Development Goals)

Mindful Kids Miami – Sandy Skelaney

MTP: Strong hearts. Strong minds.

 The Miami DAO Project – Scott Spiegel / Maria Sabando

MTP: Fund Financial Inclusion leveraging decentralized technologies.

The ExO Social Token Grant’s main purpose is to help high impact innovators working on positive social change. The program was created as part of the Miami Bitcoin week, fellows work on the world’s toughest challenges and receive up to 10,000 EXOS and 100,000 RUTAS. 

Social and Community Tokens Meetup

Hosted by Scarlett Arana & Jorge Cortes, Co-Founders at Unify IT


Tentative Agenda (5pm – 8pm)


5:00-5:20 (20-min)

Connecting local Innovation ecosystems | Cesar Castro, Co-founder Fluid Chains & Rutanio


5:21-5:51 (30-min)

Emerging economy transforming the world for a better future | Salim Ismail, Founder and Chairman Openexo


5:52-6:42 (40-min)

“Social and Community Tokens Panel” | moderated by Olga Calvache, Founder Escalate Group.

Panelists: Alice McLaughlin, Salim Ismail and Cesar Castro.

We will learn from different perspectives: Alice is a Social Media Influencer and Digital Marketing strategist focused on Business Continuity, Blockchain and Start Up Practice. Salim is a Futurist and best-selling author, he has been building disruptive digital companies as a serial entrepreneur since the early 2000s. Cesar is a growth executive and founder working with digital technologies and distributed ledgers.


6:43-6:52 Break


6:53-7:23 (30-min total)

Use Cases (5 min each x 6 presenters)

 – ExO Women Latam | Karina Besprovan – Exponential & Innovation Coach and Advisor

 – SDG and ExO Community | Scarlett Arana, Ambassador SDG14 Miami

 – Oceanexo | Nayib Kiuhan, Co-Founder at Fluid Chains

 – Certifico | Nayib Kiuhan – Cofounder at Fluid Chains

 – Openexo Platform | Vanessa Powell, Social Media Manager at ExOEconomy

 – Rutas Academy | Alice McLaughlin – Founder Classy Disruptors


7:24-7:49 (25-min total)

Award to Local Organizations making an impact in Miami (5-min ea)

Presented by the Grant and Meetup Council

 – Paola Correa, Executive Director TEDx Miami

 – Emanuel Miot, Founder Social Aim

 – Claudia Akel & Scarlett Arana, Ambassador Social Impact Movement SDG Miami

 – Sandy Skelaney, Executive Director Mindful Kids Miami

 – Scott Spiegel & Maria Sabando, Founder The Miami DAO Project

About ExO Economy

ExO Economy is  a unique digital economy of the OpenExO platform business ecosystem. It operates as an emerging global economy leveraging blockchains, cryptocurrency, and AI to transform the world for a better future. It’s native digital currency, the EXOS token, runs on a platform of tools that help turn change makers into stakeholders. A new system of value creation, identification, exchange, and storage. The ExO Economy rolled out a Town Hall series with experts in DeFI, emerging DAO’s and Cryptocurrency. Replays are available at  


Access: ExO Economy | Business Overview V 3.0 May 2021


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