GEW presents Global Entrepreneurship Week

ExO Economy Town Hall #16; Replay

Yu-kai Chou & Jun Loayza

Recorded on 1 Nov  2022 8am PDT / 11am EDT / 4pm CET

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Island17; World-Changing Youth at Global Entrepreneurship Week

Island17; World-Changing Youth at Global Entrepreneurship Week

This session will showcase case studies of social impact achieved by youth, as well as our upcoming Youth Fellowship program and how young people can be empowered to dream up and create solutions for a thriving future.

World Changing Youth Replay

OpenExO Community Game: Learn & Earn with Activating Members & Onboarding Play

OpenExO Community Game: Learn & Earn with Activating Members & Onboarding Play

Join us to orientate and navigate the different resources, activities and opportunities that you can find within the OpenExO community.

We have designed this particular game for consultants and coaches and generally for people who want to better understand and apply the ExO framework. We plan to customize the game and activities further for other profiles in the future.

There are over 50 different challenges ready for you to work on in 4 different phases – Explore, Learn, Do and Share. When you complete a challenge, you will earn experience points which can later be redeemed for one of our awesome rewards.

Nov 16th 2022 at 11amPT/2pmEt/7pmCET

Community Building Exercise

Game Demo Link:


Q&A part II : Gamifying Web3 & Community Engagement 

Join us for part II of the Q&A with Yu-kai Chou, Jun Loayza, Salim Ismail & Kent Langley. We had so much great feedback that we added an informal community gathering to keep the conversation going. Join us during GEW, Global Entrepreneurship Week to talk game theory, Community engagement and anything Octalysis or Metablox and earn points for joining the OpenExO Community Game.  

Metablox MTP: Own real world places as NFTs, powered by real life memories

Octalysis MTP: Gamification to make the World a Better Place

OpenExO MTP: Transforming the World for a Better Future

OpenExO Community Game: Learn & Earn with Activating Members & Onboarding Play

Our Town Hall was filled with game & behavior theory, metaverse versus and in-real-life play (IRL). In the world of metaverse, web 3 and spatial web we have much to discover.  We open the future of the Internet—a decentralized, user-centric Metaverse that enables people to connect with each other and with the world around them in new and innovative ways.


Replay Q&A part I: 

Bite-sized playlist of the replay of the Town Hall Q&A part I with Yu-kai Chou, Jun Loayza, Salim and Kent.

We will introduce a number of topics related the ExO Economy including:

  • P30-Doubling challenge results and next steps
  • PDemo of the EXOS Academy
  • PFeatures from our top Swae Proposals
  • PEconomy NextGen
  • PEXOS path to Liquidity
  • PPanel discussion with awesome guests
  • PQ&A

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Salim Ismail, Kent Langley, Toby Lewis, Amber Ghaddar, Irina Litchfield, Mark Hamade,

Anu Bhardwaj, Bryan Talebi, Miguel Francis, Lawrence Bloom

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