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A guide on how to claim tokens and manage campaigns using DADA

To create your DADA campaign

Please note that in order to create a campaign in DADA you need to be manually set up as a campaign manager. 


Have your mobile device with the YOTI app downloaded and ready to go. Yoti is used to verify your email address. Please note you will have to use separate email addresses to manage DADA campaigns and to pick up tokens. 


On your computer go to and scan the QR code with your mobile device using the YOTI app. Select “Yes” to continue and then select “Send” which will load on your computer screen the DADA campaign site.


Click on “New Campaign”


Enter the name of your campaign 


Add the managers of campaign with email addresses (email registered in YOTI account)
Add an expiration date (optional)
Click “Create this campaign”
The screen to upload the token allocation will show. In the case where you don’t have this yet, continue to the next step.  


Click on “Fund Wallet” to create a wallet address


  • Share this wallet address with the treasury to have it funded with the tokens to distribute in your campaign. Most campaigns will get the funds before adding the csv file. In these cases, the circle will not show a blue color or display that the wallet is 100% funded, but the wallet balance will show the amount of tokens available in the wallet. Once the csv file is loaded with the list of email addresses of beneficiaries then the blue circle will display as well as “>100% funded”
  • Create the csv file to set the allocation of tokens. It is recommended to save this csv file on a thumb drive. You will use the same csv file when adding new beneficiaries. No test transactions are needed. The DADA platform will send test transactions when beneficiaries pick up their tokens. Once the amount is verified, then the allocated tokens are transferred to their wallets. Please know that all beneficiaries will need a YOTI account on their mobile devices ready to go and the email addresses registered on YOTI will be the ones you will use in the csv file. The csv needs to have on column A the beneficiaries email addresses and on column B the amount of tokens to be claimed by each one of them. In the example shown below, Vanessa is the campaign manager so the allocated amount of tokens is zero because she will not be getting any tokens. 


  • Once you have allocated tokens, notify the beneficiaries that they need to claim their tokens. Share this link with that explains how to claim tokens. STEP by STEP Guide for accepting your gift of EXOS
  • Click on “Reports” (left side of the screen). Your campaign summary is displayed here as well as the hash of emails showing allocations and if they have been claimed.


  • DADA campaigns are to distribute tokens to beneficiaries using their email addresses once. In the case that a beneficiary happens to be someone that has DADA campaigns as well and they happen to provide you with the email address they use to manage their campaign, the way to fix it (as long as the tokens have not been claimed) is to change for that specific email address, the allocation number to zero (0) and load it to the DADA campaign.

    If a beneficiary is to be paid tokens more than once, then that transaction will need to be done on a new DADA campaign and the procedure to follow as campaign manager is:

    • Create a Cloud Wallet
    • Create DADA campaigns as needed to pay beneficiaries (per project, month or quarter)
    • Transfer tokens to your DADA campaigns and upload csv file with the allocations (correct email addresses are crucial)


    As a DADA campaign manager, you will need to set up different email addresses in your YOTI account. One to manage your campaign and one to claim tokens.

    • Open the YOTI app on your mobile device.
    • Select  “Personal details”
    • Scroll down to the bottom and touch the arrow by the email address. If you are going to manage your campaign or claiming tokens, before scanning the code on your computer (from link:, you need to make the email address to be used as the default. If you select the one you have set up to manage campaigns then the screen will load your campaigns page after scanning the QR code. If you select the one you have set up to claim your tokens, then the screen will load the page to claim your tokens.

    If assistance is needed, contact the team by email at:

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