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You are invited to the Learn & Earn Program by Academy 3.0,  to learn more about OpenExO ecosystem, ExO economy, web3.0 , and to participate in the ExO economy. You can sign up and take the online Learn & Earn classs. 

Objectives of the Learn & Earn Program:

  • To Learn the Fundamentals of Exponential Organizations
  • To learn the Fundamentals of Web 3.0 and EXO Economy
  • To become an active participant and a contributor in the EXO Economy

Target Audience:

  • Learners and builders who want to discover and unleash their superpowers
  • Learners and builders who want to create value for themselves and for others
  • Learners and builders who want to make a positive impact in the world for a better future


The Learn and Earn program wil be running every Thursday in 2022. If you are interested in participating, please signup here.

What do you get after you complete the program:

  • A Certificate for the “Learn & Earn Class
  • An EXOS Core Wallet
  • 50 plus EXOS tokens

About ExO Economy

ExO Economy is the Global Transformation Economy with its native digital currency dubbed EXOS token. It is a unique digital economy of the OpenExO platform business ecosystem. It operates as an emerging global economy leveraging blockchains, cryptocurrency, and AI to transform the world for a better future. The ExO Economy offers the necessary tools that help turn changemakers into stakeholders in a new system of value creation, identification, exchange, and storage.

About OpenExO

OpenExO has directly trained over 2,700 people in the ExO Model since opening its first training courses. Indirectly, via its flagship book, Exponential Organizations by its co-founder Salim Ismail it has influenced millions. The organization facilitates programs that foster disruptive innovation in thousands of global companies, such as HP, Black & Decker, TD Ameritrade, Ananda and others. Fortune 100 companies that resort to ExO services have increased their market capitalization by over 3 times over the last six years.

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This is the community where you can get  the latest news related to the ExO Economy, EXOS and EXOS Blockchain, and get help on resolving technical issues related to Wallets and EXOS.  


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Join this group to get updates and connect with others interested in participating in the ExO Economy and in earning and using EXOS.


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