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(in true DAO fashion)

Welcome to the eXonomy academy, the hub for using EXOS social tokens in the ExO Economy and beyond. Here you will find useful resources needed to begin your learning experience.

  • PLearn about exponential technologies applied in the real world.
  • PBe guided by our teams of mentors and partners.
  • PProvide a course to our community on our platform and leverage your brain asset sharing with others.
  • PEarn cryptos or fiat during the process.

Collaboration and support from all community members is key for us. We are facing a shared economy and yes, this collective, we are in!

Who we are

We are eXonomy academy team members who are doing this for you. Time flies and technology builds new possibilities, decentralizing our common living. To get a virtual job is not a crazy idea. Different industries are being disrupted and the financial market will be one of them. We built eXonomy for you to develop skills and be ready for the 21st century ahead.  Join us in a Learn – Earn – Invest environment, as our EXOS token is fundamental for our circular economy.

We will provide tools and a marketplace for everyone who seeks to add a new skillset for the 21st century.

These skills will be shared by the best partners and people from all over the world. Read our FAQ Page to understand all the current knowledge base, soon you will see different courses and programs, starting with this overview

Every step you take supports our courses, our community members and adds value to our social foundation. Consequently it contributes to diverse projects that are transforming the world economy for a better future.

ExO Economy Core Wallet EXOS token wEXOS wrapped token

EXOS Wallet

ExO Economy’s Core Wallet combines HD, Multi-address and staking features, all in one. Using EXOS tokens to stake the network, we help process financial transactions on behalf of our own global economy. When we pay each other with EXOS, we are transacting in our own global currency. 

ExO Economy Core Wallet EXOS token wEXOS wrapped token


Coming soon… Convert EXOS into wrapped wEXOS tokens, the fungible version of our EXOS utility token. wEXOS is an ERC20 token which has a 1 to 1 representation on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows you to leverage the smart contract functionality on Ethereum and swap on the UniSwap exchange.

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