Welcome to the ExO Economy

A digitized tokenized global economy that can lead to powerful change.


As this economy grows; As it leverages its native digital asset EXOS to its fullest extent, many great things become possible.

Possibilities that we cannot even predict as they are emergent and creative by their very nature. This is in part what makes this exponential. This is what makes it special.

Transforming the World Economy

ExO Economy is an emergent decentralized autonomous organization (also known as a DAO)

Members and partners innovate to transform the world economy. To create a better and more regenerative world. To change makers as stakeholders in this new system of value creation, identification, exchange, and storage.

“Although we might price scarce items highly, civilizations are built on abundance. It is the abundance of biomass that fueled our early use of fire. It is the abundance of fossil fuels that propelled the Industrial Revolution. It is the abundance of silicon, transistors and electronic chips that launched the information revolution and propels it today.”

– Roberto Verzola

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