Welcome to the ExO Economy

A digitized tokenized global economy that can lead to powerful change.


As this economy grows; As it leverages its native digital asset EXOS to its fullest extent, many great things become possible.

Possibilities that we cannot even predict as they are emergent and creative by their very nature. This is in part what makes this exponential. This is what makes it special.

ExO Economy Learn, Earn, Invest

Transforming the World Economy

ExO Economy is an emergent decentralized autonomous organization (also known as a DAO)

The single best value creation mechanism in our community is when one person uses EXOS to pay another. We have tokenized the ecosystem and our community with a public, permissionless blockchain and a native digital asset. This unit of account is trust. Trust is the basis of all monetary systems. The basic economics (Tokenomics) of our system are as follows:

       * 300,000,000 EXOS originally generated

       * 1 EXOS every 67 seconds mined with a proof of stake mechanism

       * Transaction Fees (gas equivalent you might say) are 0.0001 EXOS per transaction minimum

Creating liquidity for our token economy will accelerate its decentralization and thus scale. They will transform the world economy for a better future.

Our business model is an ecosystem model. So, it’s really a group of business models all connected together in a myriad of ways.

As we continue to add utility and liquidity we will add value to EXOS and those that hold them so they create the transformation they seek.

“Although we might price scarce items highly, civilizations are built on abundance. It is the abundance of biomass that fueled our early use of fire. It is the abundance of fossil fuels that propelled the Industrial Revolution. It is the abundance of silicon, transistors and electronic chips that launched the information revolution and propels it today.”

– Roberto Verzola

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