Network Business Models Generate Abundance

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About EXOS


This project builds on years of experience nurturing and developing the OpenExO Community, under the leadership, inspiration and enthusiasm of each and every community member and EXOS holder; our community.


Inspired by Exponential Organizations, we feel confident that accelerating technologies, such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies, are a crucial tool for tapping into a world of abundance, for the betterment of civilization.


We are currently in the initial stages of building the ExO Economy into a viable and thriving economy. EXOS is present on every continent and spreading quickly. Anywhere you find EXOS you find the potential for positive change. EXOS opens doors for people via the benefits of the economy that become available. ExO Economy members use that use disruption as fuel for transformation.


The EXOS (formerly CIVX) genesis block was mined on 04 April 2018 at 16:32:00 GMT.

As the economy achieves escape velocity, it will take on a sovereign-like life of its own. We do expect that this is a radical experiment in the organization of economic activity and a true enabler of access to abundance.

"Although we might price scarce items highly, civilizations are built on abundance.

It is the abundance of biomass that fueled our early use of fire. It is the abundance of fossil fuels that propelled the Industrial Revolution.

It is the abundance of silicon, transistors and electronic chips that launched the information revolution and propels it today."

- Roberto Verzola