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From the EXOS Token 3rd Birthday Bash 8 April 2021

ExO Economy and OpenExO are part of the leading global transformation ecosystem | The World has transformed; every organization, institution, government department and impact project is converging towards the ExO Model | ExO Economy works in tandem with a Community-built Toolset | ExO is Now a global movement active in 132 countries | The ExO Economy ecosystem is now transforming the World | OpenExO is an Emergent DAO with its own Economy and its own utility token | EXOS = Transformation | ExO Economy | This is not about what we are going to do. It’s what we been doing and have done ~ Salim Ismail

A truly unique token

Driven by Values

Our purpose-driven community has built utility into the EXOS Token. The future has arrived and everyone can participate!

Participate in the 30-Doubling Challenge

Participate in the 30 doubling Challenge and you could qualify to receive up to 10,737.42 EXOS

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The Exponential Doubling Challenge Leaderboard

View the 30-Doubling Challenge Leaderboard and track your status!

Transforming the World Economy


Transforming the World Economy

ExO Economy Community

There are 7,500+ consultants, advisors, speakers, coaches, and community members from more than 130 countries ready to help transform organizations, cities, and more via the OpenExO Marketplace. Learn more about our unique community who created an economy of value exchange as an interface to the world. Hire talent, be the advisor, find teams to collaborate in our marketplace.

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