SAVE the DATE: April 8, 2021 3rd Birthday of the EXOS Token!

We will launch the 30-Doubling Challenge for an opportunity to earn up to 10,000 EXOS tokens!

To prepare, download our super wallet, the EXOS Core wallet that allows both staking and access to your funds! Please download this wallet and get ready to walk the talk!

Download the new wallet here: EXOS-Core v1.0.14

To install/open the EXOS Core Wallet:

1. Close Qt wallet

2. Download (note Mac users will need to right click, OPEN, to bypass unknown dev message)

3..Transfer your tokens from the old wallet to the new wallet by sending/receiving as you would with a client

4. Troubleshooting Q & A at our Discord Channel.

More help resources: OpenExO Economy Help Center